Carbonite Migrate

Easily migrate Data, Servers and Entire Systems.

Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite Migrate formerly DoubleTake Move migrates server workloads over any distance using patented, byte-level replication technology. It enables easy, automated migration of data, applications, and entire servers between different OS versions, hypervisors, and cloud platforms.

  • True any-to-any migration between physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • Efficient real-time replication enables migration across any distance
  • Designed to simplify and streamline migrations for businesses of all sizes

With software located at both your primary systems and at the secondary target, Carbonite Migrate seeds the target environment. Once seeded:

  • The software keeps both systems in-sync by sending only incremental changes in real time
  • Impact to your live systems is negligible
  • Data is encrypted as it passes over the wire

Carbonite Migrate formerly DoubleTake Move migrates workloads without data loss or downtime.

Carbonite Cloud Migration Center

Moving workloads can be done through the DoubleTake Cloud Migration Center

Quickly initiate the migration through the console. The replica at the second site is activated, and traffic can be re-routed via integrated DNS updates. The entire cutover process takes just a few minutes, and the result is an exact copy of the system at the new location.


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Structured repeatable Windows and Linux migrations to the cloud with near-zero downtime and no data loss.