Carbonite Endpoint Backup

Enterprise-grade endpoint backup and

archival for the mobile workforce

Carbonite Endpoint Backup

Carbonite Endpoint Backup is a hybrid cloud service to bring order and governance to the frontier of your enterprise by mitigating data loss and data breach while maximizing network and end user performance.

Backup Client

  • Silent deployment on laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • End user controlled data recovery
  • Local Cache for instant restores
  • Remote wipe of data if a laptop is lost or stolen

Backup Vault

  • Industry leader in scalability, data reduction techniques, and backend server and storage capabilities
  • Deploys in hours in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premises
  • True multi-tenant architecture and scale

Admin Console

  • Centrally managed with low touch support
  • AD/LDAP integration for easy policy management
  • Silent deployment with SCCM, Microsoft Intune, LANDesk and other leading tools

Global Location Tracking

Privately and securely know the location of your endpoints. Maintains the location history of the device. Provides both an IP trace as well as a fine grained location for the device.

Avoid the high cost of a data breach

Remotely wipe data with time-based policy triggers or on-demand when a laptop is lost or stolen.

Enterprise Key Controller

Get all the benefits of the Public Cloud while keeping your company’s encryption keys safely on-premises. Enjoy the highest level of security and compliance while keeping management to a minimum.

Manage and restore user data with ease

Centrally managed backup policies allow for administrative restores or self-service restores by your users. Enable easy and secure mobile data backup, access and sharing from iOS, Android, Windows, and many more other mobile devices.

Prepare for legal proceedings

Easily comply with Legal Hold requirements when facing potential litigation. Carbonite Endpoint Backup also supports rapid bulk restores to any target location for e-discovery and supports ERDM guidelines.




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Carobonite Endpoint Backup's Hybrid Cloud maximizes deployment flexibility and scalability for large distributed organizations.