Add Zero Trust Policy-Driven Security to Your Endpoints

Application Whitelisting, Ringfencing™, and Data Storage Control from ThreatLocker® protects your business from malicious and misused software.

Application Control

Application whitelisting that gives you complete control over what software is running and blocks everything else, including ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software

Ringfence applications for post-execution protection, stopping attackers from using trusted software (living off the land)

Full visibility of every program, library, or script that is running on your endpoints or servers

Storage Control

Control which hard drives can connect to your endpoints regardless of type, connection method, or location

Audit all file access, including reads, writes, moves, and deletes from local drives, external storage, and network shares

Control application access to your files, preventing misuse of data and ransomware from encrypting your network shares

Put restrictions on individual file types, e.g., permit only jpeg files to be copied from a camera device

It's time to add Application Whitelisting and Ringfencing™ to your endpoint security stack


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