For strong authentication on the web and in the Cloud

Simple, robust and secure products that can store up to 200 identities on a smart card component certified Common Criteria EAL5 +. Compatibility extended by Web SSO (Office 365, Zimbra, Workplace fb, box…).


The Linkeo-NFC reader allows easy and reliable reading of RFID / NFC cards and tags. This simple and practical product to use has already proven its multiple NFC applications: ticketing, transport, e-government, e-banking, e-payment, e-health, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), logical security, network access control, physical access control, precision…

Winkeo FIDO U2F

The Winkeo FIDO U2F security key is a second factor « plug’n play » USB TOKEN allowing simplified management of identities on the Web and in the Cloud.

Badgeo FIDO2

Badgeo FIDO2 is a dual interface card compatible with FIDO2 and FIDO U2F standards. It provides a strong and simplified authentication solution for the web and the cloud. It offers all professionals easy-to-deploy security solutions in both mobile and desktop environments.

Winkeo FIDO2

Winkeo FIDO2 is a USB security key for a strong authentication on the web and the cloud. It is compatible with FIDO2 and FIDO U2F standards. It offers an extremely high level of security while remaining easy to use. It protects your access from “phishing” attacks or password theft.

NEOWAVE is a member of the FIDO Alliance and has adopted the standard and developed a range of FIDO solutions based on the U2F (Universal Second Factor) and FIDO 2 protocols.


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