Backup and Disaster Recovery.


Windows Server Backup & Recovery Software that offers powerful backup tools for physical and virtual servers

Reliable & Predictable
Full support for the entire range of Microsoft Windows and Small Business Servers. 

Easily back up data and systems using the intuitive, user-friendly interface. If disaster strikes, effortlessly restore or recover lost data with a few simple steps.

Pay for what you need. Flexible, modular pricing. Buy a base license and purchase add-ons only as and when required.

Advanced users aren’t forgotten with powerful, configurable settings offering precise control over how data and systems are protected.

Fast & Easy
Schedule and automated backups for fast, painless data security. BackupAssist defines 'set and forget' with advanced, customisable automatic backup schemes.

Backup to a comprehensive range of destinations. Define your own dynamic security and backup to network, NAS, RDX, iSCSI, local drives, Tape, USB HDD, or cloud.

BackupAssist is an affordable backup solution for both physical and virtual servers.
Only pay for the software tools you need!

Cloud Backups

BackupAssist easily store backups on Azure, Amazon, private cloud servers, and on offsite data centres.

Public Cloud Backup
Swiftly and easily transfer backup data to public cloud providers such as Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Insulated Encryption
Create encrypted backup containers. Fully private with 256 it AES Encryption at rest and in transit means even your cloud provider can’t access your data.

Resilient Transfers
Never send the same data twice. If backups get interrupted, they will automatically resume where they stopped.

Private Cloud Backup
Securely store backup data on a private cloud server or an offsite data center.

Compress and Deduplication
Greatly reduce bandwidth use and storage space requirments when backing up to the cloud.

Data Compression
Archieve optimal bandwidth use through compression of data packets as they're sent across the internet.

BackupAssist is Proudly used by Fortune 500 Companies.
Chosen by Customers in 146+ Countries

SQL Continuous

Perpetual Protection for SQL Servers keeps SQL servers protected from data loss providing a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of just a few minutes.

Near-Continuous SQL Backup
SQL Continuous Add-on can perform near-continuous SQL Backups reducing the RPO to five minutes or less.

Point-in-Time SQL Restore
SQL Continuous Add-on allows the restoration of SQL to any point-in-time backup made, minimizing or eliminating data loss.

Granular SQL Restoration
SQL Continuous Add-on allows the selection of individual databases to restore as needed, putting the power in your hands.

VSS Consistent
Perform VSS application-consistent backups of live SQL servers, minimizing downtime when disaster strikes.

Hyper-V Compatible
When combined with the Hyper-V Advanced Add-on, one can restore virtual SQL databases with ease.

Remote SQL Backup & Restore
With SQL Continuous Add-on, one can remotely backup and restore any number of remote and local SQL servers.

CryptoSafeGuard: Active, Simple & Non-Intrusive Backup Protection.

Hyper-V Advanced

Spin up crashed or lost Hyper-V guests in seconds. Granularly restore guest data without performing full recoveries.

Rapid VM Recovery
Instantly bring Hyper-V guests back online by running them off their backup destination while performing a full recovery at the same time. Never experience downtime again!

Granular Guest Restores
Granularly restore data to a guest with ease, using a backup made of single or multiple guests.

VSS, CSV Support
Supports all Hyper-V technologies, including Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS), Microsoft Replica, and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV).

Use Any Backup Type
Granularly restore data to your Hyper-V guests from any Backup Type: System Protection, File Protection or File Archiving.

Pay Per Host, Not CPU or Socket
Easy, affordable licensing means you'll only need one Hyper-V Advanced License per host server – covering an unlimited amount of guests on that server

Exchange Compatible
Granularly restore mail items into a specific guest running Microsoft Exchange Server. (Requires the Exchange Granular add-on sold seperately

Remotely Manage Backups and Data Restoration with web based Multisite Manager.

TAPE Archiving

Compressed and encrypted Tape support for Windows 2012-R2, 2008-R2 and SBS 2011 Server software.

Multiple Backup Types
Perform full, differential or incremental backups to tape.


Protect Tape backups with leading military-grade 256-bit AES Encryption.

Enhanced Compression
Make the most of each of tapes by using advanced multithreaded compression along with an open zip format.

Easy Data Restoration
Comprehensive tape backup strategies, using both daily and offsite archive backups.

Tape Labelling Alerts
Conveniently label each tape in the backup rotation and receive intuitive alerts if tapes are not loaded properly.

Remotely Manage Backups and Data Restoration with web based Multisite Manager.

Multisite Manager

MultiSite Manager is a web based application designed to remotely Manage Backups and Data Restoration.

  • Deploy BackupAssist remotely.
  • Remotely run backups and restores.
  • Management of individual machines and whole sites from a single pane of galss.
  • Alerts and scheduled reports
  • Granular user account creation with access to selected sites.


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