Making Ransomware Obsolete


NeuShield bridge the gap between security and backup

Don’t be the next ransomware victim

Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to your data by encrypting or hiding it. To get it back, you must pay the criminal a “ransom.

After the attack, you have to spend valuable time restoring data—if you have viable backup. If not, you have to rebuild your computer from scratch. And if you run a small business, you may face potential lawsuits from customers who have lost access to data and services.


Not all ransomware protection is the same

Traditional ransomware protection is able to detect and block known malware and viruses. Even with constant updates, however, it’s often not effective in stopping new or unknown attacks. NeuShield Data Sentinel is different.

It goes deep into your system to recover data—no matter how or why the data was changed. Even zero-day ransomware is no match for NeuShield Data Sentinel. Your data has never been safer.


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NeuShield's Innovative Mirror Shielding Technology

Using Mirror Shielding and Data Engrams, NeuShield Data Sentinel recovers your lost data from ransomware attacks.