Take control of professional email signatures with Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud and transform the end of every business email into a new digital advertising channel with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.

Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud

Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud

  • Organization-wide, centrally managed professional email signatures.
  • Accurate signatures applied to 100% of corporate emails.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop signature editor.
  • Professional signature template library.
  • Better options for configuring email signature behaviors including assignment, reply signature function and scheduling.
  • Target audiences with specific messages.
  • Signature essentials: promotional banners, social media icons, email disclaimers, user details, and headshot photos
Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

  • All features of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud

  • Engagement analytics dashboard with metrics such as impressions and clicks

  • Ability to cycle through promotional banners in email signature designs

  • Advanced options for scheduling email signatures and running marketing campaigns

  • Exclaimer Signature Equivalent Advertising Value metric for simple ROI calculation

Power Ups

Supercharge your Exclaimer subscription with Power Ups that bring you more amazing ways to turn the end of every email into a great new beginning.

Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

  • Introduce 1-click surveys to email signatures

  • Drive higher response rates with surveys that are simple to use

  • Capture feedback and directly associate it with specific recipients

  • Action real-time email alerts and ensure fantastic customer experience

  • Consult insights in an analytics dashboard and inform customer experience improvements

  •  Easily establish surveys by dragging the feedback element into email signature designs

Exclaimer Signature Appointments power Up

Exclaimer Signature Appointments power Up

  • Offer simple appointment booking in email signatures

  • Share a way to easily book meetings, appointments or demos

  • Connect with your Outlook or Google calendar to share real time availability

  •  Allow team members to define the days and times they want to be available for bookings

  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams and other video call platforms like Zoom

  • Easily establish appointment booking by dragging the appointment element into email signature designs

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