Carbonite Availability

Carbonite availability formerly DoubleTake
offers failover protection
for any environment.

Carbonite Availability

Availability from Carbonite provides Highly Available real time replication providing Zero Downtime.

Carbonite Availability works well in a disaster as well as during planned downtime events like upgrades, patches and hardware changes. Simply move users to an identical secondary system without experiencing any interruption of service - whilst IT make changes, triage issues and test solutions. The IT staff can take their time, without the pressure of impatient users and lost revenue. Once complete, simply move everyone back.

How it works

With software located at both your primary systems and at the secondary target, Availability initially seeds the replica. After that, the system continiously updates incremental block level changes.

  • Bandwidth use after the initial seeding is minimal
  • Impact to your live systems is negligible
  • Data is encrypted as it passes over the wire
  • Resource utilisation at the target is primarily storage – virtual systems aren’t live until a failover

In the event of an outage Carbonite Availability can:

  • Automatically detect the failure of the primary system or wait for a manual trigger
  • Stand up the replica at the secondary location in minutes
  • Redirect user traffic via DNS automatically
  • Recover anything from individual files to a complete system or an entire data center
  • Fail over to an early point in time, before a malware infection or failed update
  • Easily reverse the entire process back to the primary site, at your convenience


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High availability with Zero Downtime for Physical, Virtual and and Cloud.